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Freeview installer Scotland

We install Freeview boxes and aerials for free digital television reception in Scotland covering Stirling, Alloa, Falkirk, Dunblane, Denny, Auchterarder and more . 

Depending on your area and position, we can supply and install all types of Freeview aerials to enable you to receive Free to air digital Freeview channels.

Once an engineer has visited your premises, we can recommend the correct Freeview Aerial for your property call 01786 542010 for a free quote

As of September 2007, 74% of homes fall within the Freeview coverage area. The Digital switchover will be happening in your area some time before 2012. We will ensure you are ready for that switchover. Please call us on 01786542010 for advice regarding Freeview aerial fitting and a Freeview Aerial Installation.

What is Freeview?

Freeview is the commonly used term for Free to air digital Television.

What do I need to view Freeview digital TV?

You just need a set top decoder that plugs into your aerial and television. They can be purchased from any good electronic retailer and most large supermarkets. Many televisions now come with a digital decoder built into the television. Freeview plus is a decoder that allows you to pause and record digital television. There is no subscription needed for either service.

Why do I need a Freeview engineer?

In most cases - you won't! However, with digital TV and Freeview you will either have an excellent perfect picture or your reception will break up into little squares. This is called freezing and blocking. It can be very irritating. In this case, if you are having Digital TV reception problems then you should probably upgrade to a digital TV aerial. We are specialists in fitting digital TV aerials for Freeview television.